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CE Conformance

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Why outsource your CE Conformance?

We specialize in getting Information Technology equipment to pass EMC tests so that your product will qualify for the CE Mark thus allowing your equipment to be sold in the United States, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada. Emissions and immunity requirements are often overlooked during the design stage and are also difficult to implement without several repeat visits to the certification lab. We have the expertise to correctly implement your design to meet these strict requirements so that you'll pass these tests the first time you go to the certification lab.


CE conformance for Information Technology equipment is broken up into the categories of emissions and immunity. For emissions, we specialize in EN5022 Class A Radiated, EN5022 Class A Conducted and FCC 15.109 Class A Radiated conformance. For immunity, we specialize in EN55024 (61000-4-2) ESD, EN55024 (61000-4-3) EMF and EN55024 (61000-4-4) EFT conformance.

Our knowledgeable staff will analyze your design and work with you to implement your design so that your equipment passes emissions and immunity testing the first time you go into the certification lab. We will also accompany your product to the certification lab so that any un-anticipated problems will be resolved on the spot.

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